Phu Tho Travel Guide

Phu Tho is a province located in the North-eastern part of Vietnam and far 80km away from Hanoi. The main attractions in Phu Tho are the Hung Kings Temple, Hy Cuong Communal House, and Bang Lai Pagoda. Coming here travelers not only get more knowledge about Vietnam history but also try the best traditional food.

The best time to visit Phu Tho  

The climate of Phu Tho is sub-tropical and monsoonal, with an annual average temperature of 23.5 °C. Precipitation is usually in the form of rain, which is most popular during the period between April and September.

How to get Phu Tho

Viet Tri City (Phu Tho) is 80km from Hanoi. It is on National Highway No.2 linking Hanoi with Ha Giang Province and China Border.

  • By Bus: is the good way to travel from Hanoi to Phu Tho. It takes about 2 hours on bus.
  • By Train: The train from Hanoi to Lao Cai stops in Viet Tri (Address: Hùng Vương Street, Tiên Cát, Việt Trì City, Phú Thọ Province)

Things to do and top attractions in Phu Tho

  • Ao Chau Pond in Phu Tho: is a mini version of Halong in Phu Tho Province. Located 50km away for Phu Tho district and 70km away from Viet Tri city, Ao Chau Pond is nowadays considered as a potential attraction of the land of Hung Kings.
  • Heaven Pond – Fairy Spring: located on Na Mountain in Ha Hoa district, only 80km away from Viet Tri City. Heaven pond lies between hundreds of mountains peaks which have the average height of 500-600m above the sea level. However, the 1200m high peak of Na Mountain surpasses them all and stands spectacularly against the blue sky.
  • Thanh Thuy Hot Spring Resort: located to the west of the Da River and far about 65km away from Hanoi, it is an extremely rare and valuable source of hot spring in northern Vietnam. Coming here, visitors can savor many specialities of Thanh Thuy such as Stone Mountain Goat, Da River Fish, Thuong Chicken, etc. among which Da River.
  • Xuan Son National Park: ranked as 12th largest national park and has 80% of its territories covered by forests. It is primitive forests in the Limestone Mountains, which are home to a diversified composition of flora and fauna with a wide range of wild rare and valuable animal and natural caves and waterfalls.

Local specialty in Phu Tho

  • Banh Tai- Rustic Ear Cake in Phu Tho: Phu Tho ear cake (banh tai) is anciently Hon cake of Phu Tho village. The cake looks like an ear, made from rice, filled with pork, easy to make because of simple process, unsophisticated tools but not everyone can do.
  • Thanh Son Sour Meat: a specialty of Thanh Son mountainous region which is bold with Muong ethnic culture. specialty of Thanh Son mountainous region which is bold with Muong ethnic culture
  • Doan Hung Grapefruit: also called “Phu Doan Grapefruit” is well known with its special characteristics of small size, juicy, sweet and soft taste and thin skin

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