The best dishes street foods in Hoi An

Vietnam is known as the food’s heaven in Asia with some world’s famous dishes like Pho- Noodle, Banh Mi- Sandwiches, etc. But it is just the some delicious foods in Vietnam street food’s world. In this article, we just want to all travelers a little corner of street in Hoi An. Below is some appetizing dishes for all you guys:

Cao Lau Noodle

Cao Lau is a traditional food in Hoi An. This rice noodle is a harmony combination of Cao lầu noodles, slices of barbecue pork, pork crackling, bean sprouts, and lots of herbs and vegetables.

Where to eat Cao Lao- Hoi An:

  • Stall named Ba Be in a market opposite Ong Temple.
  • Or Trung Bac Restaurant at 87 Tran Phu
  • The price is about VND 20,000-30,000/ Bowl

Banh Mi- Vietnam sandwiches

Banh Mi is considered as the best sandwiches in over the world. If you visit Vietnam, but you don’t relish Banh Mi, especially Banh Mi Hoi An which is your big mistake.

Like other cities, Banh Mi usually is combined by pork, fresh herbs, salad and the magic dressing. But the difference is Hoi An super sauce which make Banh Mi- Hoi An special in tourist’s eyes.

Where to eat the best Sandwiches:

  • Banh My Phuong: Phan Chau Trinh nearly to the intersection with Hoang Dieu, the price 15,000 VND- 20,000 VND

Mi Quang- Quang Noodle

Mi Quang always makes an impression for visitors by the unique of the broth which you can’t taste in any kind of noodles. The main ingredient includes shrimp and pork, thin, flat rice noodles with a mixture of peanut oil fried with onion and richness broth. It is also eaten with a variety of herbs, such as mint leaves, cabbage, onion, etc.

Where to eat Mi Quang- Hoi An:

  • You can enjoy the best dish with the best price at stall on Nguyen Hue Street

Cơm gà- Chicken rice

Chicken rice of Hoi An is quite very simple and popular for all travelers who have been here. The main recipe includes only rice, chicken, sauce and pickled carrots. It is usually served up with very spicy chili sauce, pepper and a small bowl of soup containing some chicken giblets like heart and liver.

Where to eat the best chicken rice:

  • Ba Buoi at 22 Phan Chu Trinh Street
  • Or A street stall or Ms. Huong on Le Loi Street

Banh Dap- Rice cracker

Banh Dap is one of the simplest foods in Hoi An’s cuisine. This cake is a combination of two kinds of rice papers, one white, thin and kind of sticky and the other, dry, crispy and brittle and usually eats with special sauce.

Where to eat rice cracker in Hoi An:

  • Ba Gia: in Hamlet 1, Cam Nam Commune

Banh Bao Vac- White rose

White rose is one kind of specialties in Hoi An which you can’t miss. It is a type of shrimp dumpling made from translucent white dough and filled with spiced minced shrimp or pork and bunched up to look like little white roses

Where to eat the best White rose:

  • Traditional restaurant at 533 Hai Ba Trung Street

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