The best traditional dishes in Sapa

If you are going to discover Sapa, you want to enjoy the best beauty of mountain region, have a great experience about a daily life of ethnic minorities. However don’t miss try to eat the appetizing Sapa specialties. Following is some recommendation about the traditional dishes that you should taste:

Sa Pa barbecues

Barbecues are quite popular when travelers visit here. You can enjoy the best Sapa’s barbecues in any friendly street vendors such as: eggs, meat, corn, etc. It really makes the characteristics of Sapa.

Lon Cap Nach - Highland pig

Lon Cap Nach is one kind of highland pig. It’s quite small, so people can put it in the armpits and bring to the market to sell. Highland pig is quite delicious and sweet, especially when you drink local Fructus Crataegi Wine.

Travelers can eat Lon Cap Nach at: Gerbera Restaurant- 31, Cau May, Sapa

Thang Co

It will be a big missing if you don’t try the flavor of Thang Co, a specialty of the H’ Mong ethnic minority. The main materials of Thang Co are horsemeat, sometimes using buffalo, cow or pork. And the most important ingredient of this dish is forest vegetable.

The best restaurant to try at: Kham pha Viet Restaurant- 15 Thach Sonn, Sapa

Thit gac bep- Dried Meat

“Thit gac bep” is a kind of meat (usually meat of horses or pigs) that hung up by the H’ Mong. These meats usually chopped into pieces and hung up. When eating meat, they just need to clean dust and cook with forest vegetables like bamboo, tomatoes, etc. It’s really attractive dishes for all travelers in Sapa.

Xôi 5 màu- Five colors steamed glutinous rice

This is a famous specialty of not only Sapa but also many provinces of Northwest parts. This is a traditional dish in festivals of Nung Din ethnic in Muong Khuong province with main colors such as; pink, vermilion, scarlet, bright green, yellow- green, banana leaf green and yellow. And all of these colors is made from natural tree so you can totally feel secure when eating it.


Salmon is fairly famous for visitors and the most luxurious dishes for tourists when they go to Sapa- Lao Cai. The salmon is sweet, fresh, pink meat and especially high nutritional ingredients. The popular dishes cooked from salmon what you should try is salmon hotpots, salmon salads and grilled salmon.

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