Vietnam private and sharing visa services

At present travel agencies and the Vietnam Immigration Department process many orders at the same time and commonly put 10-30 applicants on the same approval letter. However, they also provide private visa service besides sharing visa depending on traveler’s requirement.

  • Private visa: means the private visa letter for visitors who want to keep and protect their passport information in private.
  • Sharing visa: means visa approval letter which includes many names of customers.

The service fee of private visa is normally higher than sharing visa service. It’s about USD $ 28- 40 depending on each visa agency. However, if you apply for  Vietnam visa on arrival   at Vietnam visa, you will get private approval letter for each visa booking without charging. You only spend same service fee as other travel agencies, maybe lower, but you can get the Vietnam private approval letters.

The pros and cons of private and sharing Vietnam visa

Private Vietnam visa on arrival:

  • Ads: Secured personal information, Limitation of additional problems  when you get entry at the airport such as taking time to wait, etc
  • Disads: spend some more fees which depend on each travel agency.

Sharing Vietnam visa on arrival:

  • Ads: Saving fee
  • Disads: Information is not secured, Taking time at the airport in processing to get the actual visa.

Visitors can refer some visa samples as below:

Vietnam private visa sample

Private approval letter sample

Vietnam sharing visa

Vietnam sharing approval letter sample

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