Common errors in Vietnam visa application

After serving hundreds of visitors, we just want to show all common mistakes that visitors always make when they apply for VOA. Hoping that you guys will not face the same situation after reading this post:

  • Typing mistakes: Firstly, we just want to mention about typing mistake. As we had experience, some visitors always missed writing their full name when they apply online application. Please remind that you have to write your full name that is the same as in your passport.
  • Choose the wrong nationality: Choose the wrong nationality is the second mistake that we just want to inform you. You have to write the exact your nationality. After your booking is successful, you have to check carefully all your information in receipts that sent to your email. If you found anything wrong, please contact us immediately to fix it.
  • Receipt status: Don’t check visa status in a receipt which is also the other important misunderstanding. To make sure that your booking were successful or not, visitors have to mention to a status of your receipt (Successful or Unsuccessful) after you make a reservation.
  • Don’t check the approval letter after receiving our email: In many situations, they don’t check all information in the approval letter because of unwanted problems of travel agencies or Vietnam Immigration. So please double check all information right after receiving your approval letter.
  • Don’t check entry and exit date: In some case, visitors don’t know exactly what 1 or 3- month single entry or multiple entries a visa is? And don’t know when your visa expired? So please read thoroughly about visa types and know exactly which period of time do you need?
  • Arrival date: In many situations, travelers think that arrival date starting from entering Vietnam, but it’s totally wrong. You have to remind that your arrival date starts as your date you wrote on approval letter. You cannot enter Vietnam early, but you can travel to Vietnam after your entry date on approval letter
  • Get Vietnam visa on arrival without applying: We honestly suggest that you must apply for Vietnam visa online before entering this country in order to avoid the unwanted situation like delay or cancel your flight to Vietnam or you can’t enter to Vietnam.
  • Get visa on arrival at the border: Before applying for Vietnam Visa on Arrival, please noted that you will travel to Vietnam by Air only. If you will enter Vietnam by land or sea, please contact the nearest Vietnam Embassy to get your valid visa.

This is all typical mistakes that visitor always face when they enter to Vietnam by VOA.

If you are misunderstanding about anything about Vietnam visa on arrival, you are welcome to contact us via supported email:

Hope all you guys will have a great time in Vietnam!

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