5 noticeable things when travelling by train

Many tourists come to Vietnam and they choose the train as one of their transportations because it is not only safe, effective but also friendly and on time.  However, many foreign passengers meet some problems when travel by train in Vietnam that they have ever noticed. We would like to provide some tips for passengers when take a train, especially a night train.

  1. Check the time departure

Many passengers misunderstood about the departure time written in the tickets. The time format in the ticket is from 0:00 to 24:00 in a day, not AM or PM. Therefore, please be sure that you check carefully the day and time in the tickets.

  1. Be on time at the train station.

The passengers need to be at the railway station at least 45 minutes for check in. If you are late, the train will still leave, it does not wait anyone because of any reasons.

  1. The luggage

All passengers have to reserve the luggage by themselves. The staffs on the train have no responsible for the baggage of the travellers. Before getting off the train, promise that you bring the entire luggage with you. If you forget, it is difficult for you to find yours.

  1. Food and drink

If tourists purchase cheap type of tickets, the meals are not included. Therefore, with the long journey, you can come to the kitchen or canteen on train (usually the last wagon) to buy food. You can also buy food at stops. However, you should notice the time because the train just stops in a short time.

  1. Contact for solving problem

If there is any problem occurring such as trouble in service, being disturbed by strangers, passengers can ask the help from the coach manager or staffs on the train. Especially, people who travel alone, it is important to notice other strangers.

For further information about Vietnam railways or Vietnam travel guidle, please click the link  below for more details

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