Amazing destination for budget traveler in South East Asia.

If you don’t have a lot of money when travelling and if you don’t have any idea about destination for budget travellers

Following the top 5 of cheapest countries in South East Asia:

#1 Thailand



Thailand stands in top of cheapest country in SE Asia. Although the prices are not constant and rise sometime, there are still incredible deals (Chiang Mai, delicious street food and reasonable hostels in Bangkok).

Daily Budget for 2 in Thailand: $45-50 Dollars per day. 

#2 Laos


Laos is the second in countries for budget travellers. There are far fewer guesthouses and restaurant serve for tourist. But when travelling to this country, you will discover the simple thing.

 Daily Budget for 2 in Laos: $60 Dollars per day

#3 Vietnam


After Thailand and Laos, Vietnam is considered as heaven for budget travellers with great street food, beautiful attractions and wide range of hostels and hotels.

Daily Budget for 2 in Vietnam: $65 Dollars per day (includes having way too much fun)

#4 Myanmar (Burma)


In fourth position, expensive because it lacks the tourism infrastructure of the other countries mentioned, Myanmar tends to be a bit more expensive.

Daily Budget for 2 in Myanmar: $ 70 Dollars per day

#5 Malaysia


Last but not least, price of food, drinks and lodging is in Malaysia quite expensive. But it is still ideal destinations for many tourists.

Daily Budget for 2 in Malaysia: $85 Dollars per day

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