Ben Nha Rong (Ho Chi Minh Museum)

Ho Chi Minh Museum

Ben Nha Rong is old name of Ho Chi Minh Museum and is the first largest trading harbor of Saigon in 1862 and relate to Vietnam’s modern history

This museum displays rich collection of 3,000 pictures, 700 artifacts and personal belongings and journals as well as many scripts and publications documenting relating to Ho Chi Minh president.

The harbor was designed which constructed following the French characteristic, but there are two Vietnamese dragon-shaped statues on the top of roof.

Coming here tourist will have a chance to learn about the rich culture and history of Vietnam and a life that has inspired millions of people in the world.

What is opening day, address and entrance fee?

Opening day:  daily except on Monday from 8Am-11.30Am and 1.30PM to 5PM

Address: Located near the end of Nguyen Hue streets and close to Bach Dang tourists Wharf.

Entrance fee: VND 10,000~ $ 0.5


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