Best dishes in Quang Binh should try

Quang Binh is the narrowest province of Vietnam where is famous with Son Doong- The world biggest cave. This is the great destination that you should visit with fabulous spots like Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, Son Doong and delicious local foods. Here is some suggestion about the best dish in Quang Binh.

Bánh Canh Bột Lọc- Finest flour rice spaghetti

Bánh Canh Quang Binh is quite popular and is the best Vietnam dish in Quang Binh Province. This cake is covered in banana leaves and especially transparent and features shrimp meat inside. The main ingredients include cassava powder, river shrimps, wood ear mushrooms and some spices. The best way to relish this dish is use with chili sauce

Chao Canh- Soup Porridge

Other dishes you cannot miss when visiting Quang Binh Province is Soup Porridge. This is the most favorable breakfast for the local people. This dish includes snakehead fish, shrimps, pork, spring onions, coriander, and green cabbage.

Sea snakes

You can try many dishes that cooked from sea snakes. But the best food what you should try is sea snakes porridge, stewed with chilies and citronella, minced with dry pancakes, sausages, grilled with Lolot leaves and Stewed with Chinese Herb. It’s really delicious.

Lẩu cá khoai - Tarpon Hotpot

Tarpon hotspot is quite famous for not only domestic but also foreigners when they come here. It includes fish, bamboo shoots, tomatoes, star fruits, mushrooms, tamarind, and pickles. Its harmony combination between sweet and fresh of fish, the sour of tomatoes, tamarind, and pickles. It’s awesome.

Khoai Deo- Soft Sweet Potatoes

Khoai Deo is a famous specialty of Quang Binh which made from the Red Sweet Potatoes. It’s quite easy to cook it. After boiling, people here dry it under the sun for 10 to 12 times, the flexibility of the potatoes resulted from the number of dry times.

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