Cao Bang Travel Guide

Cao Bang is located in the Far North - East of Vietnam; Cao Bang is a mountainous province, 281km far away from Hanoi and stays close to the border with China. Cao Bang is the most beautiful mountain area in the northeast and famous with scenic spots including the Ban Gioc Waterfall, Nguom Ngao grotto and Thang Hen lake, but more than that, for its impressive image as one of Vietnam's first revolutionary bases full of historical significance such as Pac Bo Cave, Coc Bo Cave, Lenin Stream, and Khuoi Nam Stream, etc

It is home to many ethnic minority groups, notably are the Tay, Nung, Dzao and H'mong and the Tày group is probably the biggest group, making up a large proportion of Cao Bang’s population. With a pleasant climate, Cao Bang is an ideal base to explore scenic countryside in which Ban Gioc Waterfall is the most popular natural spot.

The best time to visit

It is possible to visit Cao Bang all year round. The average temperature is 25 - 28 Degree Celsius in summer and 16 - 17 Degree Celsius in winter. However the best time is during the dry season from September until April next year.

How to get

By bus is the best choice to travel from Hanoi to Cao Bang, takes about 5 hours and cost about $ 15-20/ Turn.

By Train: There are no rail connections at present to Cao Bang

Get around: Xe ôm is the convenient and cheap way for those who want to ramble around Cao Bang.

What to see

  • Ban Gioc Waterfall- was reward as one of seven waterfalls in the world and the most superb and largest waterfall in Vietnam
  • Nguom Ngao Cave- means “tiger’s cave” in the language of the local Tay ethnic minority. It is an enormous cave next to Ban Gioc Waterfall, an astonishing cave with stalactites of various shapes is the most famous limestone grotto in the northern mountain province of Cao Bang
  • Pac Bo Cave- known nationwide as a revolutionary resistance base and far 60km North West of Cao Bang and 3km from the Chinese border.
  • Thang Hen Lake- is one of 36 beautiful lakes in the mountains of Vietnam. Nowadays, Thang Hen Lake becomes a convalescence and ecological tourism.

Local Specialty

  • Fried hill chicken in Cao Bang: a typical dish of the highlands. Minh Hoach Restaurant in Cao Bang Town is an ideal place to sample this local specialty.
  • Ant Eggs Cake (Bánh Trứng Kiến): People gather one group and go in the forest together to find the ants’ eggs. After taking the ants’ eggs, they mix them with green bean cake. The only green bean cake is so delicious, and the combination with ants’ eggs is fantastic.

Cao Bang Festival

  • Long Tong Festival- the most important festival on the occasion of New Year, tied to agriculture cultivation, held in the village to demand agricultural praying – gods rule management fields, gardens, cattle, villages for the green trees, harvests, cattle thrive, people are prosperous, quiet village lanh and last from the 2nd to 30th of the 1st lunar month to start the new harvest. The festival’s activities include throwing Con for predestined love, Chinese-chess, swinging, lion dances, unicorn dances, dragon parade, etc.
  • Inviting the-Moon-Mother Festival (Moi Me Trang) - the festival of the Tay ethnic group and held in Dong Khe region. Inviting the Moon Mother Festival takes place at the beginning of spring

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