Changes in Vietnam train schedule with SE7 and SE8 train

After Ghenh brigde collapse accident on March 2016, all SE7 and SE8 trains only start and stop at Nha Trang train station, not Saigon train station as before. It means that

  • SE7 train which starts at Hanoi train station will stop at Nha Trang train station and all customers who have the longer route will have to change to another train
  • SE8 train starts at Nha Trang train station, not from Saigon train station as before

But since 21st May 2016, the last stop of SE7 train won’t Nha Trang anymore, it is replaced by Thap Cham train station

  • SE7 train departs at Hanoi train station at 6:00 am which will stop at Thap Cham train station 10:06 am- the last stop
  • SE8 train depart at Thap Cham at 11:48 am and the final stop is Hanoi at 15:33 pm

As Vietnam Train, the Ghenh Bridge is expected to work on 25th June, not by the end of July. For any information and updated news about Vietnam railway, we will inform all you guys as soon as possible.

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