Co To Island

Co To Island

Located in Co To Island District, Quang Ninh Province and comprised of 40 islands varying in size. All most beaches are deserted and aesthetic beaches with white sands and blue, crystal-like water. This is an ideal destination who want to find a pristine and breathtaking beach for relaxation.

How to go

  • Boat : Cai Rong town (Van Don - Quang Ninh)- Co To. It last about 3 hours with price about VND 95,000/ Per ticket
  • Speed boat start at Cai Rong - Van Don which last about 1.5 hours with price about VND 160.000- 200.000/ Per ticket.
  • NOTE: Due to the military presence on the island a permit is required to stay on the island. The permit needs to be acquired in Ha Long city beforehand. If you arrive without a permit you will either be expected to pay a fine or be sent back to the mainland.

Where to visit

Light house-coto


  • The light house: Located on the highest mount in Main Coto island ( 101 m) from 1961. This is one of 30 active light houses of Vietnam
  • Small Coto Island: This is a great spot for all visitors when they travel to Co To Island with a beautiful beach, pristine forest and various fauna and flora.
  • Hong Van Beach: deserted and aesthetic beach with clean and white sand, sit here and sightsee the beauty of sunset.

Where to stay

Homestay service is quite popular at Co To Island with  price from VND 70,000- 100,000/ Night.

Things to do

  • Hiring a boat to discover the islands
  • Going fishing
  • Snorkeling
  • Enjoying the incredibly tasty seafood

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