Con Dao Island Travel Guide

Con Dao is a small island of Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province and  a group of 16 islands (Con Son- The largest island). This island is far around 250 kilometers, or a 45-minute flight, from Ho Chi Minh City. Visiting Con Dao, tourist can not only have a chance experience marvelous beaches, try delicious seafood, but also visit Vietnam historical sites.

The best time to travel

If you want to visit and discover the beauty of Con Dao Island, you can come from October to April.

How to get to Con Do Island

By Air

Vietnam Airline is the only one Vietnam airplane having flights to Con Dao airport.

By Ship

Besides traveling by air, travel can use the ship as the best choice.

After visiting  Vung Tau and going to Cat Lo Port to take ship ticket to Con Dao Island

  • There’re 2 ships run from Vung Tau to the island: Con Dao 9 and Con Dao 10, start at 5 pm and arrive Ben Dam port at 6 am of next day.
  • Price: $ 10/ turn/ pax
  • Note: You should carry few foods; the ships also sell foods but just  a little snacks.

Things to do in Con Dao

Con Dao is famous with untouched, impressive coral and diverse in marine life like turtles, rays, etc. Diving and snorkeling is one of the best activities which travelers should try when coming here.

  • Diving & Snorkeling: Visitor can join diving or snorkeling at Côn Đảo Explorer, Rainbow with price: VND 500.000-600.000/ per person ~ $ 25-30
  • Turtle Eggs: see female sea turtles come up on the beach to lay their eggs on Banh Canh Island usually in the month of September
  • Fishing: if you want to go fishing, please come to 914 pier and rent a boat of fisher, with price: $75-$ 85/ day and $40- $ 45 / half day tour and Nhát Beach is the ideal place for fishing.

Top interesting spots

Besides be famous as historical sites of Vietnam in Vietnam war, Con Dao Island is also the great destination with stunning beaches and breathtaking mountainous spots:

  • Con Dao national park: one of only two terrestrial and maritime National Parks in Vietnam, now covers fourteen of the sixteen islands and their surrounding marine areas and is home to 882 species of floral species, 135 species of animals, and more than 1,300 species of marine creatures.

  • Hang Duong cemetery: the spiritual center of the island of more than 20,000 Vietnamese patriots and revolutionaries, built in 1941 after Hang Keo cemetery had been totally full.
  • Con Dao Prison: the biggest archipelago in Ba Ria- Vung Tau province captured and detained thousands of prisoners, is mostly patriot during Vietnam war.

  • Stunning beaches: Đầm Trầu, Lò Vôi, An Hải, Đất Dốc beach, etc.

Con Dao Specialties

  • Ôc vú nàng- Chest Snail often grip well on the rocks near the coast of Con Dao island Vietnam and to get it the fishermen must mash themselves in the water. Having many way to eat, but the best way boil, grill or make a salad with Chest snails with salt, pepper and lemon.

  • Mứt Hạt Bàng- Hat Bang Jam: is one of the Con Dao Specialties that you should try. There are 2 kinds of jam, sweet and salty, fried with salt or sugar. It's really unique for sure.

  • Moon Crab: in Con Dao is quite nutritious, firm, aromatic and delicious. With moon crab,you can relish by many way like steam, boil or grill, then eats with salt, pepper and lemon.

        Restaurants: Tourists can try the best food in Tri Kỷ Quán or Thu Ba  Côn Sơn Island

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