Countries require American preparing their visa before entering

Until now American can assess over 169 countries by visa- free travelling, however, there are many countries which still need Americans to prepare their visa in advance by several processes and few hundred dollars. Let check and prepare enough your information about visa before travelling. The following is the detail information:

  • China: US citizens have to pay about $130 for tourist visas and send your actual passport in for processing and ideally plan 1-2 months in advance of travel
  • India: The fee for getting India visa is $50 and visas can be valid for up to 10 years, but note that you must have a gap of at least 2 months between entries
  • Vietnam: With Vietnam visa, tourist can apply for visa directly or online with $70 and multiple-entry visas are valid for up to one year.
  • North Korea: it is strict but possible if you go through a specialist travel agency such as New Korea Tours.
  • Russia: Russian visa rules are quite strict to get which require a letter of invitation for all US travelers and prepare their travelling itinerary before you apply as visas are valid for specific dates and not extendable. Fees start at $140 and applications should now be filled out online. –
  • Belarus: With Belarus, US citizens must have a letter of invitation from an official travel agency in order to get a visa.
  • Australia: Getting a tourist visa is simple and cheap ($20) for all US passport holders, they can apply directly at Embassy or online visa application and stamp visa at Australia Airports. Valid for as many entries as needed for 12 months from date of application
  • Brazil: to get Brazil tourist visas, American have to pay about $140 plus $20 if you apply by mail or through an agency
  • Iran: It is quite hard to get Iran visa for United Citizens, but  several reputable travel agencies provide tours for Americans

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