Cu Chi Tunnel- Vietnam

Cu Chi Tunnel

Cu Chi Tunnel is located approximately 20 mi (30 km) northwest of central Ho Chi Minh City, off the road to Tay Ninh town. It’s a large network of connecting underground tunnels.

These tunnel systems were of great importance to the Viet Cong hiding spots during combat, as well as serving as communication and supply routes, hospitals, food and weapon caches and living quarters for numerous North Vietnamese fighters.

There are two tunnels in Cu Chi: Ben Duoc tunnel and Ben Dinh tunnel- is used for foreign tourists

Things to do

  • Visit the Animal Rescue Center
  • Cycling and swimming

Food: Cu Chi is also famous for rice cake rolled with pork meat and grilled dishes. Just go along the highway to Saigon, you will catch such these stores with reasonable price


  • Recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes, light clothing and a hat and bring a jacket for the early starts (November to February)

Souvenir: visitors can buy models of airplanes, oil lamps, lighters, etc. with reasonable price (about VND 100.000 ~ $ 5 or less)

Opening day: Open daily from 7:00AM to 17:00PM

Entrance fee: VND 90.000~ $ 4/ per person.


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