Cua Dai beach ranked as the cheapest beach in the world

Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An

According to the Beach Price Index of Travel Bird, a cost of $12.34 Cua Dai beach is considered as the cheapest beaches worldwide.

Along with Cua Dai beach, Ho Coc Beach, Nha Trang’s city beach and Long Beach are also one of cheapest beaches.

Other cheap beaches include several in the Indian states of Goa and Kerala, a clutch in Indonesia and Thailand, and – surprisingly, perhaps – a handful in Germany.

Top 5 cheapest beaches

  • Cua Dai Beach- Hoi An-Vietnam
  • Ho Coc Beach- Ho Coc- Vietnam
  • City Beach, Nha Trang- Vietnam
  • Long Beach- Phu, Quoc- Vietnam
  • Varkala Beach- Kerala- India

Source: Travel Bird

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