Differences between Vietnam visa on arrival and Vietnam the loose leaf visa

If you are considering about using VOA or Paper visa Vietnam for your trip, please read the following comparison of these two kinds of visa

Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA) 

Vietnam loose leaf visa ( Paper visa) 

VOA is a legal document approved by the Department of Immigration which will be stamped at Vietnam Airport with the approval letter

Vietnam loose leaf visa is approved by Vietnamese Embassy which you will receive visa paper at your home/office after applying online.

With Vietnam visa on arrival, you don’t need to provide any documents except your name, passport number, your arrival, and departure date.

To apply for Vietnam loose leaf visa, you need to provide documents including your Passport scan, 1 passport sized photo (4x6cm), Your arrival date and departure date

To get visa Vietnam, you need to prepare documents as below: Passport, The entry & exit form, The visa approval letter, 2 passport sized photos (4x6cm), Stamping fee by cash only

With paper visa, you can enter Vietnam by any ports without any documents

VOA is cheaper than Paper visa which includes Vietnam visa service fee &Vietnam visa stamping fee.

With stamping fee, tourists will pay at Vietnam International Airports for stamping.


Vietnam visa fee includes Vietnam visa service fee &shipping fee.

Processing time is 2 working days

Processing time: 4-7 working days

Valid for those who stamp Vietnam via at airport only.

Visitors can enter Vietnam any ports with paper visa on your hand.

Vietnam loose leaf visa sample

For further information about Vietnam visa on arrival or loose leaf visa, please don’t hesitate to contact us via supported email: support@vietnamvisaapplication.com

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