Finish Ghenh’s bridge restoration and start running North- South Vietnam trains

After 3 months repair the Ghenh Bridge, from 25th June 2016 Vietnam Railway System start running North- South train system.

It means that from 25th June, all tourists who travel by train from / to Saigon will start as normal. You don’t have to transfer from Saigon to Song Than train station and from Song Than train station to Bien Hoa train station anymore

Vietnam railway will start running 20 trains which include 10 North- South trains as following:

  • Hanoi- Saigon: SE1 and SE2 train, SE3 and SE4 train, SE5 and SE6 train, SE7 and SE8 train, TN1 and TN2 train
  • Saigon-Vinh- Saigon : SE21 and SE22 train
  • Saigon- Quảng Ngãi – Saigon : SE25 and SE26 train
  • Saigon- Nha Trang- Saigon : SNT1 and SNT2 train, SNT5 and SNT6 train
  • Saigon- Phan Thiet- Saigon: SPT1 and SPT2 train

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