Ha Giang Cuisines

Like other mountainous regions, Ha Giang is also famous by not only stunning natural sites but also delicious local specialties. The following is some popular dishes that you should try at least one time:

Ha Giang Au Tau Porridge

Au tau porridge is a unique dish in Ha Giang which made from rice production combined with the material that is only available in high mountains like rice, herbs and meat.

Au Tau is available in Ha Giang all seasons however only sold in the evening. Especially, this dish is also a tonic medicine to cure sick

Ha Giang Dried Buffalo

Dried buffalo is a special food in the meals of Black Thai which made from muscle of buffaloes and cows freely on the northwest mountains. It has often the long pieces of meat, each of them are stringed on stick and hang to the kitchen’s shelf. For a long time, dried buffalo meat and pork are their necessary food and it is Ha Giang’s specialty that visitors should not miss when visiting here also.

Shan Tuyet Tea in Ha Giang

Shan Tuyet tea in Ha Giang is one of the provinces has the oldest Shan tea area in the country which is big leaves, many snow-white hair covered buds  and located throughout most of the districts in which the ancient tea areas have 300-1000meters height. There are two main types: small Shan tea leaves and tea in Lung Phin with typical characteristics as raspberry or candle shape.

Thang Co

Thang Co is likely the most popular dish in Ha Giang, which belongs to Mong ethnic’s culture. The dish is a kind of soup made from horse and cow. The main ingredients are also included organ such as heart, lung, liver severed with chili, pepper and corn liquor. However, the smell is good; eating this dish would be a new unforgettable experience.

Reu Nuong- grilled moss

Moss is a kind of aquatic plant and a special dish of Tay people in Xuan Giang commune which can be cooked in different dishes such as fried, dried however the most delicious and original grilled with difference spices. This is a must try dish if you visit this destination.

Com Lam in Bac Me- Sticky rice cooked in bamboo pipe

Com Lam in Bac Me is becoming a special dish of the Tay ethnic people here. The process to cook is quite simple which made by raw materials is sticky rice treated thoroughly and soaked in water from underground sources, put in a bamboo pipe and blocked with banana leaves, people use young bamboo, cut into tubes with one end open and the other end is blocked, like the bottom of the pan, glutinous rice is washed carefully, add some salt, mix well and put into the tubes, pour water approximately above the rice. Com Lam can be eaten with sesame or grilled fish from river

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