Ha Tien Town Travel Guide

Ha Tien is far about 93km from the main center of Kien Giang city and famous for the beautiful landscape and visited by many visitors. The mountain around Ha Tien is grandiose with a green color like the partition from the sea and mountain. It's a big missing, if you don't come and have a fun in here.

How to get Ha Tien

Ha Tien is quite long from Ho Chi Minh City, about over 300km, so you should catch a bus to get Ha Tien, fare about $10 and takes about over 7 hours to get there. Travelers should pick Kumho bus, Phuong Trang, Mai Linh many others buses.

About going around, besides get taxi travelers can rent the motorbike in Ha Tien: price about $8/day in order to discover pristine Ha Tien’s beauty.

Main attractions in Ha Tien

Photo: Mui Nai Beach- Kien Giang

Ha Tien has not many attractions as other destinations in Vietnam; however, all of these sites are very beautiful and unique. Following is main sites that you should visit:

  • Mui Nai beach-  a beach remains quite pristine in Kien Giang. Coming here, tourist can swim and see the sunset, enjoy sunbathing on Mui Nai beach without being disturbed.
  • Thach Dong is a stone mountain, 80m (260ft high) stand lonely between  large lands. On the mountain, there’s a high and large cave with many strange stalactites. Addition, inside the cave, has ancient Tien Son pagoda, a sacred pagoda with the locals.
  • Da Dung Mountain is nearly 100m (330ft) high, 6km (4miles) from Ha Tien town. The mountain has many caves and pagodas of Vietnamese, Cham ethnic group.

What to eat

Ha Tien is famous with delicious seafood like Ca Xiu (Cà xỉu – a must-eat in Ha Tien), snail, oyster, spider crab-bread soup, raw herring, fish noodle. And you can enjoy these dishes at Ha Tien market, hawkers.

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