Ham Ninh Fishing Village

Location: Ham Ninh Commune, Phu Quoc District, Kien Giang Province, 20km to the northeast of Duong Dong Town

Characteristics: This is an ancient village with pristine beauty and peaceful life.

No one knows how long Ham Ninh Fishing Village has been established. A long time ago, fishermen from other places came Phu Quoc Island to catch seafood and built up the village. It is a quiet and safe anchorage.

Located in the east coast of Phu Quoc Island, Ham Ninh Fishing Village owns charming natural scenery. It backs on 300m-high Ham Ninh Mountain and faces Ham Ninh Beach with blue crystal water and gentle slope. From Ham Ninh Beach, visitors can sightsee Nghe Islet in the distance.

Visiting the fishing village, visitors can see the temporary pier at Bai Vong Harbor, the familiar images of the coastal villages with old thatched cottages, boats nestling in front of the house. Especially, visitors will be impressed by the friendly smiles of fishing village people.


In the morning, sitting here to watch the sunrise, visitors will feel like as lost in the fairyland. In the afternoon, the bright yellow of the sunset looks like spreading a thin layer of gold over the sea.


Coming to Ham Ninh Fishing Village, in addition to immersing in the peaceful life, visitors also have the opportunity to experience the daily activities of local people such as collecting pearl, catching seafood, etc. Actually, Ham Ninh Fishing Village is also famous for fresh seafood, especially crab. Eating boiled fresh crabs with pepper-salt and enjoying cool sea-breeze will certainly give visitors an unforgettable feeling.


Waters along the Ham Ninh coastline are relatively shallow,  we highly recommend walking further up north to enjoy a better beach setting. Accessible within a 30-minute drive from Duong Dong Town, Ham Ninh Fishing Village is renowned for its unique seafood dishes. Make your way to the Ham Ninh Market to enjoy sea cucumber soup, tram mushroom, and boiled flower crab.


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