Harmfully affected to Vietnam railways service by Ghenh bridge collapse

On 20th Mar 2016 a railway bridge in Dong Nai which bordering Ho Chi Minh City to the northeast was hit by a passing barge

The Ghenh Bridge was built by French in the 1990s by the renowned Gustave Eiffel, the man behind the Eiffel Tower during colonial period which connects the two shores of the Dong Nai River. This bridge plays an important role in Vietnam railways system connecting southern provinces including Ho Chi Minh City with others Northern provinces.

The collapses of this bridge has temporarily corrupted all trains which running to and from Southern provinces like Ho Chi Minh, Binh Thuan, Thap Cham, etc.

To rebuild the Ghenh Bridge, Vietnam Railway will spend about 4 months for rebuilding from 25th Mar to the end of July 2016. During the fixing time, Vietnam Railway Department decided to stop running some trains and changing departure time as below:

  • SPT1, SPT2 won’t run from Ho Chi Minh to Phan Thiet anymore
  • SE2 and SE4 train won’t also stop running from Ho Chi Minh. With all train tickets which already booked with SE2 and SE4 train from Saigon train station will be changed to SE4 and SE6 train
  • All train SE4, SE6, SE22, SNT2, TN2, SE26 will depart earlier than normal 1 hour
  • For passengers who get on the train at Saigon train station: You will get on train at Saigon train station as normal, then stop at Song Than Train station ( 20 minutes), then take a free bus from Song Than to Bien Hoa train station (25 minutes), and finally take your train as normal
  • The final stop for North to South train will be Bien Hoa train station, not Saigon train station
  • For the trains run from the Northern to Thap Cham or Binh Thuan Train station with SE1 and SE7 train which will change to SE3 and SE5 train at Nha Trang train station.

You are recommended to travel by bus from Ho Chi Minh to Binh Thuan, Mui Ne and vice versa instead of train. However, so if you still want to travel by train, you can contact with train agencies they will help you to book.

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