Hoa Binh Travel Guide

Hoa Bình

Hoa Binh city is the Provincial capital of Hoa Binh province, 70 km southwest of Hanoi and this is also a home of many ethnic minorities as Muong, Thai, etc. With various mountains, forests, rivers, lakes and mineral waters, this is definitely a valuable destination for expats who want to escape noisy and crowded cities. Don’t forget to list Hoa Binh in your trip plan in Vietnam.

How to travel

  • By Bus: Taking a bus is the best way if you want to travel from Hanoi to Hoa Binh with the price: VND 70,000- 120,000/ turn

            Address: My Dinh Bus Station: Phạm Hùng, Từ Liêm, Hà Nội, Việt Nam

  • By motorbike: Or in a situation, you are adventure tourists, you also can rent a motorbike and make your trip by yourself. But please choose the great motorbike and bike license when traveling around Vietnam by motorbike.

Things to do

Kim Boi Mineral Water Spring

  • Visiting and discovering natural landscapes: Mai Chau Valley, Da Bac, Luong on
  • Bath in mineral water springs in Kim Boi
  • Visiting and staying with Hoa Binh ethics like Muong, Thai, Tay, Dao, Mong
  • Joining Boat tours on Hoa Binh Lake nearby and some of the islands on the lake.

What to eat

Rice cooked in bamboo

Com Lam & Thit Nướng

If you have a chance to visit this mountainous region, don't miss trying the best local food. Below maybe some suggestion for you in case you don't know exactly what to eat:

  • Hoa Binh Man Pig is one of the dishes that  if tourists enjoy the dish, they will never forget by the sweetness of meat, the aroma of banana leaves, the taste of “hat doi”, etc
  • Drink Stem wine: Stem wine is made from a bit crushed forest leaves and mixed with starch to produce ferment wine. When drinking, we only pour water into a pot. In the banquet of wine, people sit around together, enjoy the special flavor and soak into a soul of Gong in the festival.
  • Buffalo cooked La Lom is a popular national dish of the Muong, Hoa Binh province. With this dish, buffalo is roasted and shaved hair then chopped into small pieces, stewed in a clay pot. After that, people mix them with “la lom”, small rice and stew with buffalo
  • Enjoy tasting the ethnic minority specialty dishes including rice cooked in bamboo and grilled meat.

Where to sleep

 Following is some choice for all you guys if you want to stay more in Hoa Binh Province:

  • Hotel: V-Resort, Nha San I Hotel, Village - Ms. Nga'S House Hotel, etc
  • Homestay: Quan Hang Homestay, Hung Mech or 32 Ban Lac Stilt houses, etc. The prices vary from VND 50,000- VND 300,000 depending on types of house and room.

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Have a nice trip!


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