Hoi An in Vietnam is one of the world’s culinary paradises

Picture: Hoi An's Bread

According to Lonely Planet, the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo of Japan, the Borough market in London, the La Pescheria market in Sicily of Italy, the Boqueria market in Barcelona of Spain, Mercado central market in Santiago of Chile, New World Center in New York of the United States, the Hoi An market in Vietnam are considered as culinary paradises in the world.

“Lying on the bank of the Hoai River, the busiest time in Hoi An market is often the morning. The Hoi An market is like is a difference of the peaceful old town of Hoi An classified as World Heritage by UNESCO”- Lonely Planet

In the Hoi An market, tourists can buy all kinds of food with many types of local culinary specialties: noodles soup, vermicelli soup, cakes … at the price of one dollar. If they discover the food here in the morning, they do not need to eat at noon.

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Source: Lonely Planet 

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