How to book Vietnam train ticket

Travelling by train is the common way in many countries all over the world and Vietnam is not exceptional. And you are just wondering that how you can book Vietnam train; following is you’re fully answered:

There are two ways to book Vietnam train ticket: directly and online booking:

Buy Vietnam train ticket directly at train station


  • You can buy with better price because you don’t have to pay any service fee
  • In case, you can’t book train ticket online, you can go directly to train station and ask


  • Misunderstanding between customers and train staffs, because all most staffs can’t speak English
  • All train tickets are sold out

Booking Vietnam train online via travel agency


  • You make sure that you will have train tickets to travel
  • Your train ticket will deliver to your hotel free or send via email
  • Provide the best service and advice for your trip


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