How to fix incorrect information in Vietnam approval letter

If you are wondering how to fix your information in Vietnam approval letter with no fee and when you have to pay for changing information, please read the following notes if you face one of these mistakes:

  • You full name: you fill your wrong name with the last name then the first name instead of the first name then the last name which is the same as your passport. With this situation, you don’t have to worry about fixing your information, you just need to print your approval letter out and stamp Vietnam visa as normal at Vietnam International Airports
  • Your gender: In case you choose the wrong sex types between male and female and you just realize this problem after receiving your approval letter. In this situation, you just need contact us as soon as possible, we will fix this mistake without any fee
  • Typing the wrong name, passport number or nationality: with these problems, we have to inform that you will have to apply for the new visa booking if you want to fix your information. We can’t change anything after sending your approval letter via email
  • Your arrival date: if you choose the wrong arrival date and want to fix it, you will have to apply for the new one. But in case you entry Vietnam later than your approval date, you won’t have to change anything.
  • Your arrival international airports: if you change your arrival airports in Vietnam, please don’t worry about this problem. With Vietnam approval letter , all tourists can stamp your  Vietnam visa at one of five Vietnam international airports

For further information, please feel free to contact us via supported email:   

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