Vietnam driving license for foreingers

If you are foreign travellers and you want to discover Vietnam by own with car or motorbike, but you are confusing about Vietnam driving license and what do you need to get license in Vietnam?

Vietnam driving license

If you intend traveling by car or motorbike during your touring time or working time in Vietnam and to avoid unwanted problems, driving license is required.   

  • International driving permit is preferred if you are temporary visitors => It’s easy for all of you convert to Vietnam driving license not only in Vietnam but others countries.
  • But for permanent residents who will stay in Vietnam for working or studying=> you should have your own Vietnamese driver license of Ministry of transport.

Requirements of driving license

  • Holding a valid Vietnamese residence permit or a visa valid for at least 3 month
  • A valid driving license


  • Centre for Automotive Training and Mechanism: 83A Ly Thuong Kiet (Hanoi) / Or Office of Transportation: 63 Ly Tu Trong (Ho Chi Minh City) ->  apply for new driving license
  • Office of Traffic & Public Works at 16 Cao Ba Quat Street (Hanoi) Or 63 Ly Tu Trong (Ho Chi Minh City) => Convert your license

Needed Documents:

  • Copy of your passport with the photo page and the visa page
  • Copy of your existing driving license with translated and notarized version
  • Three passport size photos- click here for more detail.
  • Application form
  • Fee: about UDS $ 1.5 (excluding translation and notarization fee)

After 5- 7 working days, you will receive driving license in Vietnam

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