How to show Vietnam visa approval letter

You are in one of the following situations:

  • You can’t print approval letter before your trip 
  • You print wrong your Vietnam approval letter
  • You don’t receive your approval letter via email before your trip to Vietnam. Therefore, you can’t print it out before taking a flight.

In these cases, what should you do to enter Vietnam legally if you don’t print your approval letter out!

If you face one of these situations, please don't worry about that,  you completely show your approval letter via Pad or Mobile phone at Vietnam International Airports.

But the best way to save time, you need to print your approval letter and check all your information before your trip to Vietnam. If having any problems with your personal information, you should contact with travel agencies and fix before your trip 

For more detail or if you have any questions related to  Vietnam visa on arrival, you are welcome to contact us via supported email:

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