Must eat dishes in Hoa Binh

Besides marvelous mountainous and natural sites, Hoa Binh’s cuisine is also one of the main factors that attract visitors when they come here. Here is some advice for must try dishes in Hoa Binh:

Xôi ngũ sắc- Five colors sticky rice

Xoi ngu sac is quite popular with ethnic minorities in the Northwestern area of Vietnam. It decorated like a flower with five colors: white, green, black, orange and yellow which represent five natural elements and each color offers foodies a different taste.

Meat rolls with pomelo leaf

Meat rolls are quite familiar but are unique for Hoa Binh. This main ingredient is made from meat and pomelo leafs and the process to make it is very simple: a high- quality bellies meat sliced into a small piece as big as pinkie, then spiced with fish sauce and onion. After that, washed pomelo leafs are sliced into half and each half would be used to roll a piece of sliced meat and then clip by bamboo sticks

Lóong Soup

This is a special soup which made from poke and peeled banana collected in the forests of Hoa Binh. This dish is cooked with piglet and unique ingredients of the province which are burned Dổi nuts and sliced Lốt leaf.

Com Lam- Tube Rice

Com Lam is quite popular in the Northwestern regions. The only ingredient of this food is nothing more than sticky rice and cooked by a very special tool: bamboo cylinder. The best way to enjoy this dish which eat with sesame salt.

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