Must eat dishes in Khanh Hoa

Like many Vietnam coastal province, Khanh Hoa is not only well known for natural beauty of beaches, but also by a variable dishes from seafood. If you are finding information about what should eat in Khanh Hoa, following are some guides:

Jellyfish noodle

Jellyfish noodle of Khanh Hoa is one of famous specialties in this coastal region that you should try. It’s special buy fresh and sweet jellyfish and fish sauce which made from a special species of fish that only live in the island’s coral reef. This dish is quite popular in summer

Grilled Snakehead fish

Snakehead fish in Khanh Hoa is quite famous for soft meat, thin skin and the best way to relish is grilled. After cleaning fish, spices, wrapped in fresh banana leaves, and buried in piles of smoldering husk and served with girdle - cake, kinds of vegetables, lemon pepper salt or seasoning sauce squeezed lemons, sliced peppers.

Rice noodles with sliced fish meat in Ninh Hoa

Rice noodles with sliced fish meat in Ninh Hoa

Rice noodles in Ninh Hoa are quite famous and this is a big missing if you come here, but don’t try it. Noodles are rolled into thin circles and small as a bowl. The soup served which cooked from fish such as marlin, “Be” fish, tuna that has more protein, fresh meat and chewy

When eating this dish, you will feel the sour of tomato and the natural sweetness of the fish, not fishy, fresh of vegetables like lettuce, herbs, bean sprout, and flower of the banana tree.

Lobster Porridge in Binh Ba

Lobster porridge is other appetizing and nutritious dishes in Khanh Hoa. This dish really combines by many flavors by sweet of rice and onion, fresh of lobster and slightly spicy of pepper and green onion. The hot dish is everything you need to a perfect windy afternoon on the beach

Squid noodle in Van Ninh

Squid noodle in Van Ninh is one of the best dishes in Khanh Hoa that you must try. This dish is cooked with tomatoes to make a typical sweet red sauce and eat with herbs and green onion. It’s a harmony combination of sweet of squids and the sour of tomatoes and pineapples which make the dish is very popular in summer.

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