News- Vietnam Visa during National Day September 2nd

Vietnam national holiday

September 2nd is a nation-wide public holiday for Vietnamese, in this day all government agencies will be closed, including the Immigration Department.

However the visa-on-arrival counter at airport will be still available even during the holiday time. So you don’t have to worry about stamping visa at airport station.

We just inform all travellers about upcoming Vietnam Public holiday to avoid the unexpected case, here are some tips:

  • Apply for your visa in advance: If you are going to Vietnam on the 2nd September, you have to prepare and apply your visa application before this day at least 5 days in order to get approval letter beforehand.
  • Besides preparing your Vietnam visa, you also take care and reserve your flight ticket, hotel in advance. The reason why we want to mention about these things, because on September 2nd Vietnamese will travel a lot with family in national day off. Hence, if you don’t reserve or book before your trip, you may not have ticket or room in this day.

Let’s a smart travellers and make a good plan for your trip. We are warmly welcome and answer your entire query.

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