Nui Coc Lake which is a land of sad love legendary

Nui Coc Lake is is a man-made freshwater lake in Thai Nguyen province, Vietnam that evokes the curiosity of visitors not only by its marvelous beauty but also by the legend of love story of Cong and Coc.

It was built in 1993, owns 2,500 hectares in surface area, 23 meters in average depth and 89 islets; some are covered with trees, some with flocks of birds, and others with flocks of storks or mountain goats. About 40 species of birds and 15 species of mammals have been recorded in the reservoir area

Love story

Nui Coc Lake in Thai Nguyen is an attractive destination with picturesque scenery and the legend of sad love story.

Legend has told that the couple loved each other very much, but due to prejudice both families did not allow them to get married. Coc waited for his sweetheart until he turned into the present Coc Mountain. Receiving the bad news, Cong was broken-hearted and bewailed her lover until she died. Her tears flowed and changed into a river, the present Cong River, soaking deep into the soil to bring up the tea plants.

Things to do in Nui Coc Lake

Following is some advice for all travelers if you don't how to do in Nui Coc Lake

  • Visit Thieng Thac Vang pagoda: This pagoda is also well-known for the sacred Buddha statue with 45 meters in height. Going inside the pagoda, visitors will feel like being lost in the mystical and shimmering place.
  • Enjoy the performances of water columns played in the mystical music sound
  • Go sailing on the lake and explore the most beautiful islands which still maintain untouched strokes.
  • Enjoy the region’s specialties including bamboo rat meat

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