Overstay in Vietnam after visa expiration

Vietnam visa expiration sample

If you already applied for visa on arrival or are going to apply Vietnam Visa, you have to note some information of Vietnam Immigration Department (A18) about allowing over 1 day in Vietnam after their Vietnam visa expiration:

  • Tourists can't stay over 1 day in Vietnam from Vietnam visas expired date. In case tourist wants to stay over longer, they should renew or extend visa for Vietnam
  • In situation tourists stay over 2 days or more in Vietnam (from Visa of Vietnam expired date), you will be punished from $30US/1 day stay over. So, if you want to stay longer in Vietnam, you should extend or renew your visa before your expiration date.

Therefore, in order to avoid unwanted problems and losing money, you should make a good plan carefully before travelling. If you have any questions about visa online application, feel free to contact us.

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