Vietnam passport pages requirements

Passport page

Before travelling and avoiding some problems with stamping Vietnam visa  at Vietnam Airports, you always have to check not only your passport validity and but also its blank page:

If you are confusing about your passport pages and don't know what exactly how many pages of passport that you should have before entering Vietnam. Following is answers for your questions.

Passport page requirements

  • For Vietnam tourist visa: Your passport needs to have at least a full blank page since the visa will spread the whole page.
  • But if you just stay for less than 15 days or you are in exemption list, the stamp at Vietnam International Airports will be small (around a post stamp size, 1.5 pages left on your passport are sufficient.

In situation, your passport pages are not enough to stamp visa to Vietnam, you have to concern following requirements when applying for new more passport pages, please read following guidelines: 

  • Passport Requirements: Valid/signed your passport
  • Photo Requirements : No photos required.
  • Passport Application Form: Please check Vietnam Embassy in your country to get correct Passport Application Form
  • Two letters of authorization: Please select the authorization letter that matches the processing location and print two copies. Both must have original signatures.
  • Proof of Departure: Flight itinerary from the airline or travel agency, copy of airline ticket
  • Fee for blank passport page.

If you have any inquiries about Vietnam visa application, please don't hesitate to send us an email via supported email:

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