Payment guide on Vietnam visa application

After serving hundred people who using Vietnam visa on arrival, and to avoid the same situation for other customers when applying for visa to Vietnam at Vietnam visa application, we would like to show payment guidelines as below:

  • If you fail in payment process, you will have to apply for the new booking and make your payment with other visas or master cards
  • At present, only accept the payment options with Visa or Master Card
  • Some payment issues like transaction failure or payment is not working. You should contact with your bank first or use other credit cards, and then make a new visa booking on our website again
  • To recognize your payment status, you can check carefully on our receipt with Successful or Unsuccessful status

These are all well-noted information that we need to inform you about payment guide. Hope you guys can prevent the same mistakes and get your approval letter on time

For any information about Vietnam visa, you are welcome to contact us via supported email:

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