Phu Tho Festivals

The many traditional festivals taking place in Phu Tho differ from one another. Each of them embraced the most distinctive cultural values of more than 20 ethnic groups residing there. Hung Pagoda Festival, Phet- Hien Quan Festival, Bach Hac Festival, etc. are some of the most popular ones which attract thousands of visitors every year.           

Hung King Temple Festival

Hung King Festival has become one of the greatest national festivals in Viet Nam for a long time. It annually held from 8th to 11th of the third month in lunar calendar with the main festival day falling on 10th on which Vietnamese working people are given the right to have a day off. Like other festivals in the northern part of Viet Nam, this festival includes two parts: the incense-offering ceremony and the recreational activities.

Bach Hac Temple Festival 

Bach Hac Temple Festival is organized there from the 3rd to the 5th day of the year (according to the lunar calendar). The festival means to honor of the exploits of Tho Lenh Dai Vuong, a God who came to Phuong Chau in the past

Buffalo Fighting Festival in Phu Ninh

This special tournament is nowadays regarded as a festival and organized on the 14th and 15th day of the second month of a lunar year.

There are 4 villages taking part in the festival: Cao, Phu Man, Ngoc Tru, and Ngoc Khoi. Each of them chooses a strong and black male buffalo to raise and prepare for the tournament. When the day of the festival comes, people wash the buffalos and let them drink half a liter of water. On the 5th day, the buffalos are arranged into 2 pairs. The 2 “losers” will be killed to make a feast for everyone, and the 2 “winners” will continue to fight on the 10th day

Chu Hoa Festival

The festival takes place at Chu Hoa commune, Lam Thao district on 5 January every year to commemorate three brothers Ca Dong, Nhi Dong, Tam Dong- are best generals of the  Hung King 18th.

Opening forest Festival

The festival takes place at Thanh Son district from 6th to 15th January every year, starting with worshiping bow and arrow to open the hunting Festival.

Fishing Festival

It is held in Muong minority areas, Thach Kiet commune, Thanh Son district. There are also other festivals such as the praying of January, Phet Hien Quan festival, Xoan singing festival, drums singing festival. And many games held during the festival as drums beat, dance invitation, dance gongs, swimming, tug of war, etc.

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