Po Nagar Cham Towers

Po Nagar Cham Tower

Po Nagar Cham Towers were built between 8th and 11th centuries by the Cham people during the Hindu period of Champa by their unique technique on placing bricks tighter together without any kind of mortar or adhesive. The Cham community is built these temples to worship their kings, queens, gods and goddesses. These towels have not only historical and cultural relic, but also a typical architectural and sculptural work of the Cham people.

How to travel to Cham Tower

It’s far from 2km north of central Nha Trang on the banks of the Cai River, so taking a cab or motorbike is the best choice to travel to Po Nagar Cham Tower.

What is entrance fee, opening time and best time to visit Ponagar Pagoda

  • Entrance fee: VND 22,000/ per person
  • Opening hours: 6am-6pm
  • The best time to visit: Late afternoon

Things to do in Ponagar Cham Tower

Po Nagar Cham Festival

  • Visiting 6 towers of Po Nagar and the most impressive and tallest building is the Po Nagar Kalan (at 25 metres)
  • Enjoy Thap Ba (Ponagar) Festival: March 20th to the 23rd lunar month to praise the merits of Thien Y Thanh Mau Ana

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