Vietnam visa private approval letter

Sample of Vietnam private approval letter

Private approval letter means the private visa letter for visitors who want to keep and protect their passport information in private. With this private letters, all information of customers will have their own approval letter which doesn’t share with anyone. So you can make sure that all your personal information is saved

Normally, visa agencies and the Vietnam Immigration Department  process several orders at the same time. It is common to get like 15-30 applicants on the same approval letter. It depends of course on when you made the order.  In high seasons, you will find many other applicants on your approval letter which mean you will  share full name, passport numbers, date of birth, nationality, entry date and visa type with many travelers.

Pros and cons of private approval letters

  • Advantages: Save some dollars- usually some travel agencies will charge an extra fee if travelers require a private letter, so if you don’t use this service, you can save your money.
  • Disadvantages :
    • Sharing your personal information with many people
    • Difficult to check your information in approval letter
    • Have to print a lot of approval letters

Normally, with others travel agencies, you have to charge some more fees for receiving private letters. But if you apply and use visa services in Vietnam visa application , every Vietnam visa on arrival booking is handled with PRIVATE approval letters without any extra fee only $15/ 1- month single entry 

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