Quang Tri Travel Guide

Like Dien Bien province, Quang Tri is also a historical land by passing vicissitudes in the past. Nowadays, Quang Tri is gradually becoming a tourist destination in the Central Vietnam and famous with many historical relics and monuments as well as beautiful landscapes. Some prominent sites that you can’t miss are Ben Hai River, Hien Luong Bridge, Truong Son Cemetery, Military Barrack of Khe Sanh, Con Co Island, Vinh Moc Tunnel, and Ancient Citadel of Quang Tri.

The best time to visit Quang Binh

The weather condition in Quang Binh is very severe with hot and dry south- west winds. Annual average temperature is 24ºC. The best time to visit Quang Trị is during Mid-March to May

Quang Tri‘s transportation

Dong Ha Town is 74km from Hue City, 80km from Lao Bao Border crossing, 94km from Dong Hoi (Quang Binh Province), 190km from Danang, 598km from Hanoi, and 1,112km from Ho Chi Minh City

Things to do and top deep attractions in Quang Binh

  • Quang Tri Citadel- is situated in the heart of Quang Tri town, Quang Tri province and built in 1824, during the 4th year of the reign of Minh Mang, is approximately 60km north of Hue.The citadel has gone down in history as a glorious period of the nation’s war against foreign invasion. The Vietnamese people are proud of it, and foreigners admire it.
  • Cua Tung Beach: Located in Vinh Linh District, Quang Tri Province, Cua Tung Beach has its own beauty even though it is not very wide or long. The beach has sparkling green water, silky sand, and it is touched by soft breezes throughout the year.
  • Vinh Moc Tunnel: is the largest historical tunnel among over 60 tunnels in a tunnel complex of Vietnam located in Vinh Linh district, Quang Tri province
  • Truong Son Cemetery: Situated in Gio Linh district, Truong Son cemetery contains about 15, graves containing the remains of Vietnamese soldiers and civilians who died in defense of the Ho Chi Minh Trail.
  • Ben Hai River-Hien Luong Bridge: The upper reach of the river is on a stretch of 100 kilometers to meet the sea at Cua Tung (Tung River mouth). The widest part of the river is about 200 meters. The portion where the Hien Luong Bridge spans across is about 170 meters
  • Hien Luong Bridge has become a historic landmark and a great tourist attraction. The existence of the bridge reflects the miraculous strength of the Vietnamese people throughout the course of the 20-year-long resistance war national independence, freedom and rail independence, freedom, and reunification of the entire Vietnam.

What to eat in Quang Binh

The specialty food of Quang Tri is stewed corn. This food is not available in many places; it is a delicious food that satisfies people

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