Sand Dunes in Mui Ne

If you want to experience the silence of the desert and beauty fairy spring, sand dunes in Phan Thiet are the marvelous destination in your list in Vietnam.There are two famous sand dunes in Mui Ne: namely the Red Sand Dunes and the White Sand Dunes. Below is some basic information about these spots: 

How to get to the sand dunes in Mui Ne

Travellers can go to sand dunes by a jeep tour, motorbike or taxi

  • The half-day jeep tour: VN 150,000- VND 250.000~ USD 7-10
  • Motorbike rental: VND 100,000 – 200,000 ~USD 5-8
  • Bicycle rental: $ 8- 12/ per day.

Note: Don’t attempt to get to the White Sand Dunes on a bicycle because of wind and sand in here.

The Red Sand Dunes:

Red Dunes

It takes about 20 minutes from the town Centre and closer then white sand dunes. The colour of the sand is orange- brown than red as it named and easy to walk on foot with the gentle slope. It's worth visiting this stunning and special spot in Phan Thiet. Don't forget take some pictures and play some outside activities in read sand dunes/

The White Sand Dunes:

White Dunes

It's father than Red Sand dunes and takes an hour to drive from the Centre of Mui Ne. And much resembling a desert, the White Dune are 22 miles northeast of Mui Ne. Especially, this sand dunes is less accessible but pristine and breathtaking. 

The Fairy Stream

Fairy Stream

Fairy stream is one of Mui Ne’s main attractions and alongside the Red and White Sand Dunes. This is really photographer’s paradise. The ankle-deep stream is flanked by lush greenery on one side and a sand dune on the other. The landscape is absolutely surreal – a miniature mix of Cappadocia and the Grand.

CanyonEntrance fee: VND 5000/ ticket~ $ 0.4

Opening Hours:  All year round. Best time to visit is either early in the morning or late afternoon as the sand can get very hot during the day.

 Thing to do

When visit amazing sand dunes in Mui Ne, besides taking a photo you also do the below things: 

  • Kite flying
  • Ride the dunes by plastic sledge
  • Quad bikes and dune buggies

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