Several Things You Need to Know about Vietnam Visa (Part 3)


Visa Exemption

All businessmen and businesswomen must apply for a business visa to conduct or explore business opportunities in Vietnam, except those from Visa Waiver Countries or those who possess an APEC Business Travel Card containing the code “VNM.”

The Visa Waiver Countries

Including: Japan, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Nationals from these countries are granted a visa-free entry to the country for business on the condition that they provide their passport and return ticket back to home country on entry.

APEC Business Travel Card

Holders of an APEC Business Travel Card with the code “VNM” are also allowed to enter visa-free to the country to conduct business for up to 60 days. ABTCs are issued to nationals of:

·        Australia

·        Brunei

·        Chile

·        China

·        Hong Kong

·        Indonesia

·        Japan

·        South Korea

·        Malaysia

·        Mexico

·        New Zealand

·        Papua New Guinea

·        Peru

·        Philippines

·        Russia

·        Singapore

·        Taiwan

·        Thailand


Applying for Business Visa through Embassy or Acquiring Visa On Arrival

There are two options to obtain Business Visa for those that require it. You can either visit the Vietnam embassy or consulate in your country. And apply the “traditional” way, or you can apply online through a qualified agent or immigration website, receive a letter of approval and get your visa on arrival. Applying online is now generally preferred as it is easier and faster, and sometimes cheaper. There are also three categories of Business Visas you can acquire (DN, LV and DT) and this depends on your line of work. You can apply for visas allowing you to stay for a period of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year, all with single/multiple entry options.

Applying through the embassy or consulate
The required documents include:
  • A valid passport – Your passport should be valid for at least for 6 months past the desired leaving date, with blank pages for visa sticker and stamp
  • Application form – This is available for download at the official website of Vietnamese embassy in your country or Immigration website. You can also pick it up directly at the embassy when you go to apply, but since the line may be long, print it and fill it in beforehand
  • 1 passport-sized photo
  • Letter of Entry Clearance from the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam – your business partner in Vietnam will help you obtain this letter. Provide your passport details, type of visa desired, proposed date of entry, and the name of Vietnamese embassy you wish to collect visa from. The rest of the details are provided by your business partner
  • Visa fee – the amount changes from embassy to embassy, is dependent on your passport, length of stay and also the number of entries you require
Note: These are the general requirements and may vary from embassy to embassy. Please as mentioned in the article many times, contact the Vietnam embassy in your country in advance so you don’t have to make repeat visits. Once you submit the required documents and fee, you will be given a receipt which you must have with you when you return to pick up your visa in the time period specified. The visa generally takes 5 – 7 business days to process.

You may find all the addresses of Vietnamese embassies located around the world in this website:

Applying online through an agency or the immigration website

Applying online is almost the same process, except in some cases you do not need a Letter of Entry Clearance from the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam. Check ahead with the agency if you think this is the case for you. Make sure you select a good agency that can guarantee approval for an affordable price, with a 100% refund for rejection.

Requirements for online application:

After the processing period of normally 3-7 business days, you will receive an email with the approval letter attached and details on how to use it. Print out the letter in advance so you can submit it to the authorities at the embassy or airport for stamping. Make sure you read and remember the details written in the email. DO NOT delete it in case you need to return to it.

Requirements for getting visa stamp after applying online:

You are able to get your visa stamped at the embassy or the airport when you fly into Vietnam. To do this you must submit the following:

  • Your original passport: has minimum 6 months validity and blank pages left
  • At least 2 passport-sized-photos (04*06 cm)- taken within 6 months recently
  • Printed copy of visa approval letter
  • Completed entry-exit form (only for those getting stamped at airport)
  • Stamping fee – payable only by cash (VND or USD)

The fees to be paid depend on many factors. The general fees (service and stamping) no matter which method you apply through ranges from:

  • $65USD – $140USD for a 1 month single / multiple entry visa
  • $105USD – $175USD for a 3-months single / multiple entry visa
  • $299USD – $440USD for a 6 months multiple entry visa
  • $489USD – $630USD for a 1 year multiple entry visa

You may call the Vietnamese Embassy or Immigration Department in advance to find out the specifics. Once everything is submitted, you will receive your visa within a matter of minutes of sitting and waiting. Once you do, you are good to go.

Please remember that visa policies are always subject to change and as mentioned before, this article will be continuously updated to reflect any changes. Check back in a few weeks if you think there will be any updates you think will affect you. Enjoy your travels!


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