Shopping guide in Sapa

Sapa is the ideal destination for those who want the unique shopping experiences in an area of picturesque hilly nature and rich ethnic cultures. Here is some advice what you can buy when you visit Sapa:

Local Handicrafts

If you want to buy a special present in Sapa to bring home, why don’t you buy some local handicrafts like hats, traditional jewelry, necklaces, bracelets? The price is about $ 1-5 which depending on what you buy and how you bargain.

Vietnamese medicinal herbs

There are many kinds of Vietnamese medicinal herbs, both fresh and dried in Sapa market. Those herbs can be used for herbal bath and traditional massage as well. Herbs are sold separately or packed together for treating different diseases

Local fruits

Sapa is quite famous by peach and pear which is the special local fruits that can only be found in temperate zone.  Sapa’s peach and pear are not larger than a tea cup, covered by a thin layer of white powder, with a sour, sweet and a little bit acrid taste. Tourists can buy local vegetables like chayote and dried mushrooms.


Brocade is a special specialty in Sapa. There are two kinds of brocades available in the market: mass-produced and handmade ones.  Brocade can be made into clothes, dresses, bags, backpacks, purses, scarfs, and even bed coverings

Some Sapa shopping

  • Indigo: a special boutique runs by Tanh, a local Hmong minority, and her Japanese expat husband. Address: 9 Muong Hoa
  • Wild Orchid Shop: offers colorful and interesting paintings about the styles of minority people’s costumes.
  • Traditional markets of local ethnic minorities like Sapa market, Bac Ha market, Coc Ly market: souvenirs from the local hill tribes themselves

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