Shopping tips in Vietnam

Royal City- Shopping mall

Vietnam is well known as not only by fabulous mountainous sites, stunning beaches but also by delicious street food. This is really an ideal destination for all travelers. One more interesting thing about Vietnam is going shopping with unique and special products if you know some tips how and when buying. Following is some useful tips when going shopping in Vietnam.


When you buy anything in Vietnam, bargaining is needed. Bargaining is the most of the time to get the price right. In case, you don’t want to bargain, go shopping at mall or supermarket where price is printed on the product. Going shopping in this place, you will don’t have mention about bargaining or fake products.


  • Prepare to pay anything in card. Only supermarket and shopping center of Vietnam accept credit card. In case you buy anything outside, pay in cash are necessary.
  • The price will be cheaper if we pay in Dong rather than dollars or euros.
  • Travelers can exchange money at hotel with more service fees.

The best time to go shopping

The best time to buy is first thing in the morning or late in the evening.

Where to go shopping

  • If you intend to buy cheap and look for bargains, a few department stores is not the appropriate place to look for bargains. Products that sold in shopping Centre or shopping mall are expensive and you can’t bargain when buying in here.
  • Shopping in the South of Vietnam is cheaper than the North


  • Avoid buying things from street vendors when you walk around. Just keep going and pass them by!
  • If you travel by bus or train, avoid buying foods, souvenirs from vendors in street. You should prepare your drinks, food and needed stuff before your trip.
  • Going shop with the guide to avoid lost, scams and also a translator.
  • Be aware of pickpockets at shopping center or crowded places
  • Don’t be shy asking delivery if you buy some heavy things

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