Soc Trang Travel Guide

The name “Soc Trang” comes from a Khmer name “Srok Kh'leang” which means “a place where silver is stored”. This is also where most of Khmer people live. For travellers who are interested in the Khmer culture, there is plenty to see, for all others rather little. In Soc Trang you can find numerous pagodas and also culinary specialties. The biggest Khmer festival of the Mekong delta, the Ok Om Bok festival is here in October/November.

The best time to visit Soc Trang

Like most provinces in Mekong Delta, Soc Trang has 2 distinguish seasons: the wet season from May to November and the dry season from December to April of the following year. Advice for all travelers if you want to visit Soc Trang is that they should visit Soc Trang in the dry season to avoid unexpected rains.

How to get Soc Trang

There are many bus services to Soc Trang from HCMC (5 hr) leaving from the Mien Tay bus station. It is about 1 hour from Can Tho, accessible by local bus. Local buses from Tra Vinh only leave in the morning.

Top attractions and things to do in Soc Trang

The highlight in Soc Trang is pagodas. Most of them were built under the influence of Khmer culture. Thus, it is easy to recognize the unique designs of Khmer people with scrupulous attention to detail.

  • Clay Pagoda: is famous for its clay Buddhist statues and dragon sculptures. There are also 6 giant candles here, which can keep burning for 60 years.The pagoda resembles more of a resident house than a pagoda, without any pillar or wooden panel like typical pagoda architecture

  • Khleang pagoda, which is one of the oldest pagodas in Soc Trang is known for its harmony combination of great buildings and nature

  • Tan Long Stork Garden: One of the many off-the-beaten-path attractions, Tan Long Stork Garden deserves all your attention, if you still wonder what a typical Mekong Delta landscape looks like

  • Nga Nam Floating Market: is the convergent point of five rivers which flow into five different directions: onto Ca Mau, down from Phung Hien, through to Thanh Tri, in from Vinh Quoi and across from Long My – and so it acquires its particular name “Nga Nam”. The best time to visit Nga Nam floating market is early in the morning when the sun is crawling up east and many locals are already there, ready for trading – boats after boats

Local specialty of Soc Trang

Don't like others provinces in Mekong Delta Region, Soc Trang doesn't have variety in local food. However, if you want to know what is the best dishes that you should try here, please continue reading:

  • Bún Nước Lèo Sóc Trăng (a kind of rice noodle with soup) is famous all over the southern because of its delicious taste and well seasoning. Cây Nhãn (longan tree) Restaurant is the best place to eat.
  • Another special dish in Soc Trang is Banh Cong, a kind of snack which is made from flour, green bean, pork and a small shrimp on the top, eating with fresh herbs and vegetables.

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