Some update information you should to know about Vietnam train tickets

From September 2015, Vietnam Reunification Train started using new tickets and e- tickets as well in all train system. Therefore, if you are going to Vietnam and travel around Vietnam by train, please read carefully all information below about changings:

Type of train tickets

At present, Vietnam train accepts two kinds of train tickets: paper tickets and electronic tickets. Please enter here  for more details about these tickets

Please well-noted that the value of E- tickets is the same as the paper tickets, passengers just need to print it out and be at train station about 30 minutes and hop off the train.

Information on new train tickets

In both paper tickets and e- tickets will include the following information:

  • Ga đi- Ga đến- Departure station- Arrival station
  • Tàu- Train
  • Ngày- Departure date
  • Time- Departure time
  • Toa- Coach number
  • Chỗ/ Seat- Kind of train ticket ( soft seat, soft berth, hard seat, hard berth, etc)
  • Họ Tên- Name
  • Giấy Tơ- Passport number
  • Others

We also would like to inform that at present train ticket of Vietnam Reunification Train has only Vietnamese version, following is name of kind of train ticket in Vietnamese

  • Ngồi mềm điều hòa- Soft seats Air-con
  • Ngồi cứng- Hard seat
  • Nằm mềm điều hòa- Soft berth Air-con
  • Nằm cứng điều hòa- Hard berth Air-con
  • T1- mean the first floor ( soft or hard berth)
  • T2- mean the second floor ( soft or hard berth)
  • T3- mean the third floor


  • Request for E- tickets when booking train in Vietnam
  • Be at train station at least 30 minutes before your departure time
  • Print E- ticket out before getting on train

Have a nice trip and Welcome to Vietnam!


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