Vietnam visa exemption notes

If you are going to use Vietnam visa exemption for your trip to Vietnam, you should note the following information before your trip in Vietnam. Hope that you and your friends will have a remarkable trip in Vietnam:

  • Before apply Vietnam visa on arrival, you must update information about Vietnam visa exemption list first for more details about Do I need Vietnam visa? How long can I stay in Vietnam without a visa?
  • If you are in Vietnam Visa Exemption list, you don’t have to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival online anymore, you just need to prepare your original passports, return flight tickets in case you are Vietnam visa exemption list.
  • All visitors are exempted Vietnam visa without 30 days when entering Phu Quoc Island . In case, you want to enter Vietnam land after travelling Phu Quoc Island, you have to stamp visa Vietnam before entering Phu Quoc at any Vietnam International Airport or borders.
  • In case, you want to apply for Vietnam visa, you can apply for Vietnam visa as normal with Vietnam visa on arrival  and Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassies
  • The Vietnam exemption visa is the single entry. In case you want to get Vietnam visa and multiple entries, you have to apply for the new visas for you
  •  The fees for Vietnam extending or renewal visa will be more expensive than applying for Vietnam visa on arrival. Therefore, please make your plan carefully before your trip in order to save money and time.

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