Son La Travel Guide

Son La is located in Northwestern Vietnam with its topography fully describe geographical traits of this area of Vietnam with many mountains, hills, rivers and mineral sources, surrounded by primitive forests

The province is co-inhabited by various ethnic groups: the Xa, H'Mong, Dao, Muong, Kinh, Kh'Mu, Tay, Thai and so on. The Thai is the largest single ethnic group. Eighty percent of the province's natural area is covered with mountains.

The best time to visit Son La

the most precious resource of MocChau is its climate. This land has an annual average temperature of 20oC and a much more favorable winter compared to other parts of the region. The best time to visit Son la in autumn and winter - It is cold and nice with flowers blooming

Son La’s Transportation

Son La is 320km to the Northwest of Hanoi, along National Highway No. 6, through Dien Bien so tourist may visit this historic city on the way as well. Coaches are available to you in stations in Hanoi with a fare of about 100,000 VND.

For romantic travelers, going on boats from Hoa Binh Lake to Son La is a good suggestion.

Things to do and top attractions in Son La

The natural beauty of Son La, a typical highland area, with green fields and hills are irresistible attraction. Besides, the unique traditions and customs of the Thai and other minorities are also worth for you to experience. Following is some suggestion:

  • Son La Former Prison & Museum: is at the center of Son La town, about 7 hours from Hanoi. Son La Prison is regarded as one of the most famous places, with a no less notorious name “Hell on Earth” to describe the frightened brutality of French colonialists to Vietnamese prisoners here. Entrance fee: VND 10,000 ~ $ 1/ per person and Opening hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm
  • Son Moc Huong Cave: is often referred to as Moc Chau Bat’s Cave. In fact, the second name might be even more popular among the foreign tourists. This is a piece of arts, a nation treasure given to land of Moc Chau by nature. From Moc Chau town, the cave can be easily accessed. Only a few minutes driving towards Son La City will take you to Son Moc Huong cave
  • Moc Chau Highland: situated 1050m high above the sea level. About 200 km to the North-west of Hanoi. The area covered by fields is about 1600 ha.
  • Mòng Village: is a great destination for people who look for a new and interesting ecotourism site

What to do

The most typical tourism activity in Moc Chau is sightseeing. Indeed, there are hundreds of natural sites that can take your breath away. In addition, the highland’s collection of traditional festivals and some interesting activities is another thing that attracts tourists from all over the country

  • Flower watching on November (Mustard Flower season) and January & February (Plum and Peach Flower Blooming)
  • Homestay at Ang Village Moc Chau: Stay overnight in Thai Traditional house on stilts and enjoy meal with local ethnic minority
  • Taking a boat on Chieng Khoi Lake: to enjoy natural beauty, fresh air and cooling weather
  • Watch buffalo fighting: is one of part of the Mong ethnicity’s traditional festival. If travelers want to join this traditional festival, you can visit Mai Son district’s Tong Tai mountain village or Phu Yen district on February 15-16
  • The Muong A Ma Festival is not an annual event, held every 3 or 5 years and takes place in 2 days when the newly collected crops and the healthy chickens, pigs, etc. fill every single house.

Son La’s culinary

  • Pia means a failure- this dish in Son La somehow resemble Thanh Co, a specialty of Lao Cai province. However, it is cooked in a totally different way
  • Pickled meat: is a traditional food of Dao people. It is often carried out for the holidays, weddings or inviting guests to your home. Pickled meat is served with piper lolot leaves, “chat” leaves and deer wine in the parties.Only in Dao village, tourists can probably enjoy Dao’s traditional pickled meat. Pickled meat is the favorite of all ages, but surely everyone wants to enjoy the typical cuisine of the Dao ethnic.

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