Street Vendors in Vietnam

Street vending is a substantial part of city life in Vietnam. If you have a chance to this country, you can see that the street vendors are everywhere in big cities as well as in small town. There are three types of street vendors: those who constantly move around either by bike or on foot, those have a stable stand on a street and lastly, those who own a shop and expand their products on the pavement.

Fun Facts:

  • Most ‘Street vendors’ in Vietnam is mostly women who make their living by selling goods in the street
  • Account for over 11 per cent of total informal employment.
  • The most typical tools include two baskets on shoulders, bicycles, cycle, or sometimes just displaying their goods on the streets.
  • Street sellers who offer them to be photographed with their baskets and  ask you to pay them a fee for taking their photo or using their equipment

Some tips when you buy something at street vendors

  • Learn basic Vietnamese when communicating like “xin chào- Hello” (pronounce sin chow), “bao nhiêu- How much?” (bow new) “đắt quá” - too expensive”,  and use numbers from one to ten
  • Walking away is a bargaining tool that you should not forget to use. If they call you back, do not let your pride get in the way of coming back. Otherwise, your above trick is useless. - Buying something in a third-world country does not necessarily mean that you are certainly ripped off as sometimes the given price is the real one
  • Bargain in Vietnamese currency VND rather than in USD or your country currency. It's easy to use to bargain with the right and lower price.

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