Stunning pristine beaches - Cai Chien Island

Cai Chien Island is a small island of Hai Ha District, Quang Ninh Province which is far around 330km from Ha Noi and this is an ideal place for escaping the hot summer days.

This island is a pristine beach, with 500ha of pristine forest which has many ancient trees and wild animals such as monkeys, wild pigs, pythons and numerous bird species

This is a part of Cai Chien Village, visitors may reach Cai Chien by boat or canoe which take them about 30 to 40 minutes from Hai Ha Harbor

The most interesting and exciting way to explore the pristine island is camping. Besides camping, tourist can swim; go fishing to have a good time together.

Cai Chien Island is really a good idea for staying away from the bustling urban life and exploring local life

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