Tam Dao Travel Guide

                Located in North-west of Hanoi and only 85km from this noisy city, Tam Dao is not must-visit destination but it’s worth at least an overnight if you want to escape from the red-hot summer and relax after hard-working days. Are you ready to explore this less touristy paradise?


Tam Dao is the best choice for those who want to have short journey near Hanoi. It is endowed with romantic natural landscapes and wonderful climate year round.  Situated at the attitude of 900 meters above sea level, Tam Dao is characterized by fresh and pure air, extensive green space and majestic scenery hiding in the sea of mist and cloud.

Steep slopes to Tam Dao Photo: Online

Best time to visit

Ideal time to travel to Tam Dao is between April and October.  In spite of geographic distance between Tam Dao and Hanoi is not long, tourists can easily feel the extremely different climate between them. For instance, in same summer day, from Hanoi to Tam Dao, you can feel the scorching heat of Hanoi and about 02 hours later, in contrast, you feel lost in other world, the world without noise, dirt, traffic jam and stress. Everything there is perfect. 


How to get there

Tam Dao is conveniently reached by motorbikes, private car, public buses or taxies and it takes about 02 hours from Hanoi. On the way to Tam Dao, travellers have opportunity to admire the beauty of pine plantation and breathtaking mountainous road and sightsee from highland.

Where to stay

Accommodation facility (guess houses, hotels and motels) in Tam Dao is always available on week days but sometimes full on weekends or at peak of holiday period. Price also depends on point of time you visit. Normally, it approximates from 200-400 thousands dong/day-night/room (guess house or motel), 500 thousand dong-3 million/day-night/room (luxury hotel) such as Flamingo Dai Lai resort (14km far from Tam Dao), Ciao Bella Hotel Tam Dao (75-100 USD/day-night).

                             Tam Dao is more and more popular among domestic and foreign tourists Photo: Online

What to see

Tam Dao is just small town. You can take around by motorbike or take a walk to visit many famous places named Silver Waterfall, Tam Dao ancient church, Sky Gate, Van Pagoda, Communication tower peak…


                                                                          Ancient church Photo: Online

Furthermore, if you are adventurous, you should prepare trekking clothes, some food and drink to explore ecotourism destination there.


What to eat

It’s big mistake if you miss try specialties when travelling to Tam Dao. There is variety of special dishes such as chayote-su su (fried with beef or garlic, boiled), hill chicken, pig Man (lợn Mán), baked eggs…

                                                     Chayotes are planted everywhere Photo: Online

In Tam Dao, chayote are planted everywhere, on two side of the road lead through this town, on the roof of run-down house…They are fresh and clean without pesticides used and  transported to supermarkets, restaurants in Hanoi and border regions.

Tam Dao at night

It’s unforgettable for one night in Tam Dao. When the town is blanked by mist, darkness and cold, you should wear a thin coat and take a short walk near hotel to enjoy the tranquility, fresh air and listen to frog croaking which you can’t find in noisy cities.


Some advice and suggestions

  • For the first visit to Tam Dao, you’d better buy a map to avoid getting lost
  • The road from lowland to highland is quite dangerous, be careful and control speed
  • To buy some gifts, you can go directly to markets where products from chayote, souvenirs…are sold cheaply
  • You are advised to bring some medicine in case you catch a cold or because of weather difference or bit by some insects
  • Villas and church in Tam Dao designed as French architecture so it’s great ideal to take wedding photos in such romantic places.
  • On the way back to Hanoi, it's worth a visit to Tay Thien pagoda if you are not in rush


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